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LOLA Ltd. trade and tourism services, catering and travel agency 
Adress-Sijanska Street 1/D,52100 Pula, Croatia
MBS 130005490, OIB 30676622640 according to data recorded in the general ledger court register of the Commercial Court in Rijeka-permanent service in Pazin from March 19th 2015. Sorted by the State Bureau of Statistics Class: 951-03/15-01/02,Reg 555-10-03-01-15-2 Zagreb, 2st of April 2015.
Settlement- the Croatian State Administration Office in the County of Istria, on the conditions of service travel agency and determine the identification code HR-B-52-13005490.
Point of sale-website
E-mail -  office@robinsonvacation.com
Mobile - 00385(0)912121162

(Hereinafter: Agency)

The Agency will in its own name and on behalf of  the landlord enter into individual contract with the
guests on specific terms, on the basis of the contract signed with the landlord. The Agency will ensure the accommodation in the reserved accommodation units in the reserved period, except in the case of force major (war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary problems, natural disasters, official authority interventions etc.)

By renting units from the Agency's offer - Guest accept contractual relationship with the Agency and confirm they accept the General Term and Conditions (hereinafter: General Conditions)



In addition to accommodation services, the agency offers additional services related to activity in certain regions/destinations as an option.

The rental properties offered are categorized according to the official tourist organization and by the Agency's audit.
The rental property standards as well as additional services are varying and not comparable regarding different town/cities and countries.  

Every guest has to be welcomed into a clean and tidy rental property.

Check in is after 3 pm / Check out before 10 am. This specific rule applies to avoid overlapping the old with the new guests during the change day and gives time to insure the rental property is cleaned before new arrivals.

The rental property key will be given to the guest on the arrival day by the provider (host) on the spot (if not agreed and specified differently in the confirmation/voucher). 


The Agency may cancel the booking, before or during the holiday, only in case of any unavoidable or rectified circumstances associated with the rental property (e.g. sanitary disruptions). In case the Agency has an alternative rental to offer to the guests, change can be made with the guest's consent only. The Agency is obliged to notify the guests about the occurrence as soon as they occur and refund the amount paid (for the services not provided). In case of a refund the guest is not entitled to claim from the Agency compensation for any additional costs associated with it. 


The guest will be able to modify the confirmed booking only in cases the Agency as well as service provider can provide the change and agree with it.
Any modification requests have to be submitted in writing (e-mail). Admin charge per change is € 30.00. Changes after the arrival date are not possible.

In case of cancellations 31 days prior to arrival date the Agency keeps the down payment received only (30% of total costs).

In case of cancellation less than 30 days prior to arrival date the Agency keeps the full amount (100%).

In case of No show the Agency keeps the full amount (100%).

Late Check Ins (after 8 PM) have to be noted (via phone or e-mail) otherwise the Agency will consider it as No show without the possibility of a refund.

In case of cancellation due to death of the lead passenger or a member of his close family (regardless the date) the Agency will keep 30% only and the remaining 70% will be refunded (providing the death certificate).


The booking confirmation does not include any travel insurance. In case the guest request insurance it will be to an additional costs (in this case, the Agency acts as a mediator between the guests and Generali Ltd. Insurance Company (terms and conditions available on www. generali.hr).


Agency is obliged to take care of the guests rights and interests as well as the property owner’s rights according to customs and fine practices in tourism.


Every guest is required to hold a valid travel document (pets included). Agency is not responsible for lost or stolen documents during the holiday.

Upon arrival the guest needs to present the booking confirmation / voucher to the service provider/host where all the details will be listed and can’t be changed on the day.

Deposit is given on the arrival day, if required and specified on the booking confirmation / voucher.

Guests are obliged to inform the Agency about any special needs they may have (e.g. bad allergies, diseases, disabilities) before the arrival day in order for Agency to be able to react on it.

Guests are obliged to obey the House rules and act in good faith. In the case of non-compliance the guest will be asked to leave the preemies without possibility for a refund nor damage compensation.


The Agency is not responsible for guests damaged or lost luggage, neither for stolen luggage during their stay.

The guest has the right to complain regarding wrongly published photos as well as incorrectly displayed data about the rental property. The guest has the right to complain to an unclean / unmaintained rental property. The guest has the right to complain to inappropriate behavior of a service provider. 
The Agency is not responsible for the shops and restaurants working hours, nor about the listed distances. The Agency is not responsible for unfavorable weather conditions, configuration and cleanliness of the beaches, cleanliness and sea temperature or any other objections unrelated directly to the quality of the rental property (e.g. local water supply problems, sewerage, lost or stolen property, etc.) 

A complaint can be submitted on the arrival day only, exceptionally, if the problem occurred during the stay immediately after establishing the existence of the problem. The complaint has to be submitted in writing (e-mail), or, when not possible, via phone (text message). The refund will be calculated per day of unused rental services. Maximum fee approved can be the total amount paid out for the rental property. No extras will be calculated (e.g. bank charges, phone charges, fuel, loss of time, excessive stress, mental pain, etc.)

Any dispute / issues the parties will try to solve by mutual agreement. The cases the parties fail to resolve will be dealt by authoritative court in Pula, Croatia. For all issues not specified by Terms and conditions the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia will apply.


The Agency excludes any liability in cases of force major (wars, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, interventions of the relevant authorities, etc.) that may occur before, during or after the holiday period and prevent the guest to arrive, enjoy or leave the destination.


The guests are responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of rental property during their stay.

The guests are obliged to take care of their belongings and valuables, neither the Agency nor the service provider are responsible for their possible disappearance.

Pets are allowed to enter the rental property if specified during booking process only. Bringing pets without prior notice is not allowed, and if such case occurs the service provider as well as the Agency have the right to cancel the booking without possibility of a refund. Guest must take care of their pets and make sure they don’t damage the interior not the exterior of the rented property.

It is not allowed to bring weapons, flammable and explosive substances, substances with strong or unpleasant smell into the rented property.

It is not allowed to make any changes to the interior or the exterior of rented property.

It is forbidden to pollute the environment, throw rubbish in toilets, sinks or any other place not intended for it.

In cases of any damage caused the guest will have to reimburse the full amount.

In the guests absence no one is entitled to enter the rental property with the exception of special circumstances under which it is necessary to enter (danger or prevent the occurrence of damage).

When leaving the premises guests must lock the doors and close the windows, close sun umbrellas, turn off the lights, electrical devices, gas installations and close the water taps.

It is forbidden to light open fires during the summer period (April-October).

Lighthouse have a specific rule: when it’s dark keep the lights low due to safety of sailing boats / ships.

For all activities (fishing, spear fishing and diving) it is necessary to hold a permit.

Not complying with House rules will result in booking cancellation without possibility of a refund.


All personal data is given voluntarily by the guests. The Agency is obliged to take care of guests’ personal data and privacy and will not give them to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out any requested service. The guests’ privacy and communication with the Agency enjoys full protection. All employees of Lola Ltd. and its business partners are obliged to comply with the privacy principles.


The Agency uses Wspay Form for credit card payments protected with SSL certificate. In addition to this protection the Agency’s website has Rapid SSL SSL-Fully Domain Validation protection. Web browser communication is encrypted and web browser that does not support Server name indication. None of the data entered is stored or copied.


Terms and conditions as well as respectable and acceptable behavior exist to protect Internet users from irresponsible, disturbing, distracting, and, in extreme cases illegal activities. By using the Agency’s web site or any other service provided by the Agency you agree to the Terms and conditions therefore any non-compliance has its consequences prescribed by law.
Content as well as services on the Agency’s website are available to users, visitors and business partners primarily intended for all those interested in opportunities and development of Croatian tourism. The materials published on the website are commercial and informative nature and users can use them solely for personal purposes.


Agency commits to take all necessary measures in order to provide reliable and accurate information but also reserves the rights not to be responsible in case of any errors, omissions or data updating delays that may occur.


Website is intended for personal and non-commercial use only. No modification, distribution, direct transfer, display, presentation, reproduction, publication, authorization, sale of information, software, products or services owned by this website is allowed. Commercial use exception regards to Agency’s business partners agreement with the cooperation contract.


The Agency is the sole owner of preliminary and detailed design of website www.robinsonvacation.com. All materials with a trademark Robinson vacation are the exclusive property of the Agency with all rights reserved. Special grant will be given to media subjects and Agency’s partners to use solely for advertising, informational purposes.


By using the website you agree to not use any information, in particular photos, owned by the Agency or its partners in unacceptable, inappropriate way or forbidden by law.


Agency’s website contains links to websites that are under the supervision of third party.
These links are available only as a recommendation and the Agency has no influence on their editorial policy, therefore is not responsible for their content nor accuracy of the information given.


The Agency reserves the right to change Terms and conditions at any time without previous notice with the immediate effect.


User agrees that this contract can be transferred to another person.


Croatian law is applicable to interpretation and application of legal issues related to the use of materials published on the Agency's website, and the Pula court is solely responsible for all claims and disputes arising from the use of the materials in question.



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