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Unforgettable days in the center of the Adriatic Sea

Specific Robinson Experience on the outermost Croatian island at the seaside with Italy.



Palagruža Lighthouse is located on the largest island of the protected archipelago with the same name.

These islands have the smallest number of rainy days, and numerous endemic species have been adapted to these conditions.
The nearest larger Croatian town is Komiža, about 42 nautical miles away.

About the house

The lighthouse was built 150 years ago, at a height of 90m, and consists of 2 apartments that can accommodate up to 8 people.
In a lighthouse lives keeper that cares about the safety of ships passing through the area.

About the garden

Fresh air and look at the open sea will leave you breathless while walking on a 700m long path to the lighthouse.
Around this lighthouse are lot of stunning cliffs and rocks.


2 x 1/4 apartments, with the keeper.

Apartment A1.. * * *
Approx. 50 m2, one double room (12 m2), living room with two sofas (14 m2), kitchen (13 m2), shower- WC (3,5 m2).

Apartment A2.. * * *
Approx. 48 m2, two double rooms (17 m2 and 10 m2), kitchen (13 m2), shower - WC (3,5 m2).


Number of persons: 8
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 2
Number of beds: 3
Surface: 98m2


Year of building: 1875


Number of double beds: 3

Istražite okolinu

Wake up early in the morning and experience a special feeling by taking part in the lifting of fishing nets and looking out at the sun rise.
Enjoy the sunny days, walk along the paths to the nearby pebble beaches and go swimming.
Provide food and good company, and enjoy the many outdoor activities on the beach.

Are you ready for total relaxation away from civilization?

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