Explore Istria and Kvarner

Closest to Central Europe, Istrian peninsula and its adjacent Kvarner bay mix the best of Croatia in a small area. Castle cities within the peninsula, excellent wines and simple, tasty food from local ingredients that start with truffles, flirt with game, end on a high note of a local beef variety. You’ll love it so much you probably won’t leave, ever.


Explore Dalmatia

Southwestern part of the Croatian coast is called Dalmatia after a Roman province. It is a strip of land between the mountains and the sea. Perfect for wine making and fishing. Did you know that Californian zinfandel and Sicilian primitivo originated from a dalmatian grape? There is no other place on earth where you can hike in the morning, be back on the beach in the afternoon, all from your secluded, private, holiday oasis. You will think about the cypress perfumed wind and the song of the cicadas until your next dalmatian getaway.


Explore Adriatic islands

Find your deserted holiday island in the Adriatic. Out of 1185 island, islets and rocks only 66 are inhabited, so finding one that is quiet, remote and just as you imagined it should not be too difficult. Fancy yourself a lighthouse keeper or a last family on earth - we can make it happen.


Explore Continental Croatia

Continental Croatia is unexplored place whose time is only coming. A place full of green and gold fields, plains, gentle hills, roving rivers, medieval and Renaissance castles, sources of healing water, traditional cuisine and aromatic wines. This is an ideal destination for rural tourism and active vacation. Local farms offer hospitality and are willing to share with you their knowledge of wine production, traditional cousine and wine production. Cultural heritage from the time of Medieval and Renaissance will attract lovers of history of that period. Meet the new continent.


Explore Mountain Croatia

Mountain Croatia is divided to Gorski Kotar and Lika. Gorski Kotar is a plateau that rises above the Kvarner Bay. Lika is a mountain region or plateau, surrounded by mountain chains. In Gorski Kotor mountains are 700-900 m high and only occasional reaches 1500 m. The villages are located in fields and valleys. The climate is mountainous and humid, which favors the growth of various greens. The place has many natural and cultural attractions.

Activective holiday lovers or visitors who want a break from the cities, will meet their needs in Mountain Croatia.

Lika is a mountain region or plateau, surrounded by mountain chains. According to tradition, Lika is named after the character Lik which means The Cure. The second interpretationof it’s name comes from the Greek word likos, which means wolf.

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